Who Won President Trump’s Fake News Awards?

President Donald Trump finally tweeted out a list of winners of the first Fake News Awards, but the link to a Republican National Committee site turned up error messages. The site read, “The site is temporarily offline, we are working to bring it back up. Please try back later.” Others reported getting a link to a survey and a fundraising appeal. Earlier this month, Trump promised to unveil the award winners on Wednesday, but as the workday ended, late night comics like Trevor Noah and Samantha Bee began to questionRead More

Police seize 5,000 ecstasy pills shaped like President Trump

German police have seized 5,000 ecstasy pills that resembled the president’s head. Police confirmed on Monday that the drugs were found in a car in Lower Saxony, a state in northwest Germany. “During the search of the vehicle police found about 5,000 ecstasy tablets with the portrait of the American president,” the statement read, adding that “the purchase value of the tablets amounts to approximately 11,000 euros (about $12,900); the sales value amounts to approximately 39,000 euros.”