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Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappuccino Has Enough Sugar for 6 Donuts

Facebook, Instagram, and Starbucks stores have mostly been trending one thing today…. Selfies with Unicorns. Starbucks came out with a Unicorn Frappuccino and even though there’s no coffee in it people have lost it over this high-sugar drink. This drink packs more sugar than half a dozen glazed┬áKrispy Kreme donuts. Unicorns have that power but do they have the power to save your health from this overdose. The Unicorn Frappuccino is bright pink and blue and topped with edible glitter released on April 19 to much fanfare and colorful instagramRead More

Beehive Honey On Tap

Amazing… Honey on Tap Directly From your Beehive. Now if you can just find some bees.. since they all seem to be disappearing.

Coca-Cola’s Fake Sugar Milk for Kids!