Amazon to buy Target? Some Analysts are expecting it in 2018

The last few years have given us many mega-mergers and historical surprises so we would not be at all surprised if another comes down the pipeline. The mega-online retailer Amazon could be ready to jump headfirst into the brick-and-mortar world not only by the Whole Foods purchase but a much bigger competitor to Walmart. A few analysts are starting to come out with these predictions in the coming year after the tax cuts for corporations. This means Amazon will have tons more money to swallow up other companies and goRead More

Amazon, Hilton & U-Haul are hiring now for Work-At-Home Jobs

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a busy parent, student, ex-military, or a retiree looking to make some extra cash, there are plenty of work opportunities from home. These major companies just posted new positions, full-time and part-time, so apply for them while they’re still available! 3 work-at-home jobs now hiring: 1. Hilton Reservation sales associates $9/hour plus bonus; some employees make $14/hour Full-time hours Benefits, including travel discounts