Why Fake News Is Here To Stay and How To Spot It

Back in the days when journalism was rewarded and people read newspapers for unbiased papers they had this thing called editorials. Editorials are opinions. Most publications do not seem to tell readers anymore when it’s actual news or an opinion. The problem got worse after Fox News debuted because it was basically an opinion or editorial network. They would tell what they considered the “news” but in their biased way of doing so. The problem got worse in the last election when the internet has been flooded with many propaganda, misleading, and extremist sites that were not based on references or fact. Sites and blogs that had no respect for real journalism.

A Professor of communication and media put together a resource that started as a tool for teaching her students about journalism, social media, and media literacy. This is a great source for putting together which sites to check on before clicking or reading an article that you may see almost hourly in your newsfeed. Some of the highly popular sites listed on here are RT.com, Breitbart, and USUncut. Breitbart was one of the highest ranked sites in the trending section of Facebook during the election which posted what were in disguise as journalism but were really conspiracy or misleading claims. Here is a short summary of some of the most popular Facebook linked sites that are what we call Fake News:
1. abcnewsgo.co Absolutely fake. The .co should alert people it is not real. We normally only trust .com sites as our #1 Rule for U.S. News.
2. anonhq.com unreliable – Anonymous posted many unreliable sourced stories during the election.
3. wikileaks.org – rumors.
4. realtimepolitics.com – bias, unreliable.
5. redflagnews.com – bias, conspiracy.
6. redstate.com – political, clickbait.
7. redstatewatcher.com – bias, clickbait.
8. usuncut.com – clickbait, bias. One of the top Bernie bro and Green Party cited sites but not real journalism. They were also sold.
9. bipartisanreport.com – clickbait, bias
10. rt.com – state-ran. Russia runs this propaganda channel.
11. infowars.com – conspiracy site.

They also listed a few sites that were factual such as Advocate.com. Which was listed as political but credible. One site that the document failed to mention was thereligionofpeace.com which should be listed as a hate site. You can see the full list below.

Russia Plays A Big Role In Spreading Fake “News”
Facebook reports that it found about $100,000 in ad spending from a likely Russian influence operation designed to amplify divisive political messages. That covers thousands of ads to over 470 inauthentic accounts and pages that violated company policy. The ads and accounts appeared to focus on amplifying divisive social and political messages across the ideological spectrum — touching on topics from LGBT matters to race issues to immigration to gun rights. Facebook representatives told congressional investigators that it found it had sold ads to a shadowy Russian company looking to target voters — a “troll farm” with a history of pro-Kremlin propaganda, The Washington Post reports. Some ads directly named Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Russian Propaganda and paid internet trolls will only get worse to try and change elections across Germany, France, the United States and other countries they wish to influence. If you think the fake news problem is bad in the U.S. well it is far worse in Russia. They helped rig the U.S. election and will also work to rig other countries elections. If you google “Hillary Clinton” for results only from Russian webpages and then translate the pages all of them basically have headlines that read “Hillary plans to kill all Russian children, Obama supports her decision” and “Hillary plans to nuke Russia until extinct” “Obama threatens to murder all Russian families” and these same websites say things like “Donald trump Provides medication for 5 million children worldwide”. It almost seems they took facts about Trump and put Hillary and Obama’s names on them.

Because of internet censorship in Russia, monitoring, and extreme repercussions for finding ways around their federal blacklist, it would be nearly impossible for the average citizen of Russia to know that what they report about Hillary is actually true for President Trump and vice versa. It’s interesting that the United States media organizations have not figured this out yet.

Bernie Sanders, Pro-Trump, & Jill Stein Facebook Groups Are A Prime Fake News Machine
The Huff Post did a great piece on how the “Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Faced A Fake News Tsunami” and how it all came from the Russian trolls set out to distract and divide the invigorated left. 40 percent of the domain registrations for the fake news sites that were popping up on pro-Sanders pages were pinged back to Eastern Europe. Bernie supporters across the country had been noticing dubious websites and posters linked back to Eastern Europe on groups including Latinos for Bernie Sanders, Oregon for Bernie Sanders 2016 and Pennsylvania Progressives for Bernie Sanders.

These groups have hundreds of thousands of members where a fake news story would be posted with a headline of “This is a story you won’t see on Fox/CNN or the other Mainstream media!” with a link to a post claiming false information such as that Clinton had “made a small fortune by arming ISIS.” The Bernie Sanders Lovers page saw heavy engagement, and nearly every article it shared was from Bients.com and more currently you see they are sharing stories from ThePredicted.com. Both sites were registered by a person name Hysen Alimi in Albania. When you click on these sites Chrome will warn you your connection is “not secure.”

Tips for analyzing news sources:

  • Avoid websites that end in “lo” ex: Newslo. These sites take pieces of accurate information and then packaging that information with other false or misleading “facts” (sometimes for the purposes of satire or comedy).
  • Watch out for websites that end in “.com.co” as they are often fake versions of real news sources  
  • Watch out if known/reputable news sites are not also reporting on the story. Sometimes lack of coverage is the result of corporate media bias and other factors, but there should typically be more than one source reporting on a topic or event.
  • Odd domain names generally equal odd and rarely truthful news.
  • Lack of author attribution may, but not always, signify that the news story is suspect and requires verification.
  • Some news organizations are also letting bloggers post under the banner of particular news brands; however, many of these posts do not go through the same editing process (ex: BuzzFeed Community Posts, Kinja blogs, Forbes blogs).
  • Check the “About Us” tab on websites or look up the website on Snopes or Wikipedia for more information about the source.
  • Bad web design and use of ALL CAPS can also be a sign that the source you’re looking at should be verified and/or read in conjunction with other sources.
  • If the story makes you REALLY ANGRY it’s probably a good idea to keep reading about the topic via other sources to make sure the story you read wasn’t purposefully trying to make you angry (with potentially misleading or false information) in order to generate shares and ad revenue. 
  • If the website you’re reading encourages you to DOX individuals, it’s unlikely to be a legitimate source of news.
  • It’s always best to read multiple sources of information to get a variety of viewpoints and media frames. Sources such as The Daily Kos, The Huffington Post, and Fox News vacillate between providing important, legitimate, problematic, and/or hyperbolic news coverage, requiring readers and viewers to verify and contextualize information with other sources.
  • For more tips on analyzing the credibility and reliability of sources, please check out School Library Journal (they also provide an extensive list of media literacy resources) and the Digital Resource Center.

OpenSources Steps for Analyzing Websites:

Step 1:  Title/Domain Analysis. If words like “.wordpress” or “blogger” are in the domain that usually signifies it’s a personal blog rather than a news source. If slight variations of well known websites appear, such as “.com.co,” this is usually a sign that the website is fake version of a source. However, remember that foreign reputable news organizations may have these country-specific domains.

Step 2: About Us Analysis. I usually google every title/domain name/anyone listed in the “About Us” section to see if anyone has previously reported on the website (snopes, hoax-slayer, politifact, factcheck.org, etc.) or whether it has a wikipedia page or something similar detailing its background. This is useful for identifying and correctly interpreting lesser known and/or new websites that may be on the up-and-up, such as satirical sources or websites that are explicit about their political orientation.

Then I look for information about the credentials and backgrounds of affiliated writers (is it a content mill or do they pay their writers?), editors, publishers, and domain owners (who.is etc.). It’s also useful to see if the website has a “Legal” or “Disclaimer” section. Many satirical websites disclose this information in those sections.

A total lack of About Us, Contact US, or any other type of identifying information may mean that the website is not a legitimate source of information.

Step 3: Source Analysis. Does the website mention/link to a study or source? Look up the source/study. Do you think it’s being accurately reflected and reported? Are officials being cited? Can you confirm their quotes elsewhere? Some media literacy and critical scholars call this triangulation: Verify details, facts, quotes, etc. with multiple sources.

Step 4: Writing Style Analysis. Does the website follow AP Style Guide or another style guide? Typically, lack of style guide may indicate an overall lack of editing or fact-checking process. Does it frequently use ALL CAPS in headlines and/or body text? Does the headline or body of the text use words like WOW!, SLAUGHTER!, DESTROY!? This stylistic practice and these types of hyperbolic word choices are often used to create emotional responses with readers that is avoided in more traditional styles of journalism.

Step 5:  Aesthetic Analysis. Like the style-guide, many fake and questionable news sites utilize very bad design. Usually this means screens are cluttered with text and heavy-handed photoshopping or born digital images.

Step 6: Social Media Analysis.  Look up the website on Facebook. Do the headlines and posts rely on sensational or provocative language– aka clickbait– in order to attract attention and encourage likes, clickthroughs, and shares? Do the headlines and social media descriptions match or accurately reflect the content of the linked article? (this step isn’t particularly good at helping us find fake news, but it can help us identify other misleading news sources)

By considering all of these areas of information we can determine which category or categories a website may occupy, although all categorizations are by necessity open to discussion and revision.

Website Labels for OpenSources.co:

Fake News (tag fake): Sources that entirely fabricate information, disseminate deceptive content, or grossly distort actual news reports.  

Satire (tag satire): Sources that use humor, irony, exaggeration, ridicule, and false information to comment on current events.  

Extreme Bias (tag bias): Sources that come from a particular point of view and may rely on propaganda, decontextualized information, and opinions distorted as facts.

Conspiracy Theory (tag conspiracy): Sources that are well-known promoters of kooky conspiracy theories.

Rumor Mill (tag rumor): Sources that traffic in rumors, gossip, innuendo, and unverified claims.

State News (tag state): Sources in repressive states operating under government sanction.

Junk Science (tag junksci): Sources that promote pseudoscience, metaphysics, naturalistic fallacies, and other scientifically dubious claims.

Hate News (tag hate): Sources that actively promote racism, misogyny, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination.

Clickbait (tag clickbait): Sources that provide generally credible content, but use exaggerated, misleading, or questionable headlines, social media descriptions, and/or images.  

Proceed With Caution (tag unreliable): Sources that may be reliable but whose contents require further verification.

*Political (tag political): Sources that provide generally verifiable information in support of certain points of view or political orientations.  

*Credible (tag reliable): Sources that circulate news and information in a manner consistent with traditional and ethical practices in journalism (Remember: even credible sources sometimes rely on clickbait-style headlines or occasionally make mistakes. No news organization is perfect, which is why a healthy news diet consists of multiple sources of information).

Unknown (tag unidentified): Sources that have not yet been analyzed. Help us expand our resource by providing us information!

Note: Tags like political and credible are being used for two reasons: 1.) they were suggested by viewers of the document or OpenSources and circulate news 2.) the credibility of information and of organizations exists on a continuum, which this project aims to demonstrate. For now, mainstream news organizations are not included because they are well known to a vast majority of readers.

Working Website List for Opensources.co:

The below list of websites is a combination of my original list in this google document, numerous other lists on the internet, and suggestions from readers/internet users. All tagged websites have been analyzed by myself or one of the librarians I’m working with on OpenSources. All websites tagged as “unknown”  still need to be analyzed, and some of them may be removed entirely from the resource for various reasons (i.e. it doesn’t circulate “news” or the website no longer exists). Finally, please remember that all tags may be subject to revision based on feedback, discussion, continued analysis, or website changes etc.      

url tag tag 2 Tag 3
100percentfedup.com bias
21stcenturywire.com conspiracy
24newsflash.com fake
365usanews.com bias conspiracy
4threvolutionarywar.wordpress.com bias conspiracy
70news.wordpress.com fake conspiracy fake
aanirfan.blogspot.co.uk unreliable
abcnews.com.co fake
abcnewsgo.co fake
abeldanger.net conspiracy
abovetopsecret.com conspiracy rumor
abriluno.com satire fake
aceflashman.wordpress.com satire
Acting-Man.com unreliable conspiracy
activistpost.com conspiracy
addictinginfo.org clickbait unreliable
adobochronicles.com fake
advocate.com political credible
aheadoftheherd.com unknown
ahtribune.com unreliable bias
allnewspipeline.com unreliable conspiracy
Alt-Market.com unknown
alternet.org political credible
americanblog.com unknown
americanfreepress.net conspiracy bias
AmericanKabuki.blogspot.com junksci
americanlookout.com bias clickbait
americannews.com fake
americanoverlook.com fake
americanpatriotdaily.com bias clickbait bias
americanprogress.org unknown
americanreviewer.com conspiracy
americantoday.news rumor bias
americasfreedomfighters.com bias clickbait
AmmoLand.com bias
amplifyingglass.com clickbait satire
amren.com hate conspiracy
amtvmedia.com rumor unreliable
amusmentic.com clickbait rumor
ancient-code.com junksci unreliable
angrypatriotmovement.com conspiracy
anonews.co unreliable  bias
anonhq.com unreliable  bias
anonnews.co unreliable  bias
anotherdayintheempire.com bias conspiracy
antiwar.com bias unreliable
antoniusaquinas.wp.com bias conspiracy
ArmstrongEconomics.com unknown
asia-pacificresearch.com unreliable satire
assassinationscience.com conspiracy junksci
associatedmediacoverage.com satire
attn.com political clickbait
AutomaticEarth.com unreliable
automotostar.com clickbait
awarenessact.com conspiracy junksci
awazetribune.com unknown
awdnews.com conspiracy
awm.com unreliable bias clickbait
BadSquad.com unknown
baptistnews.com fake  bias
barenakedislam.com hate
Barnhardt.biz unknown
BB4SP.com conspiracy bias bias
beehivebugle.com satire
beforeitsnews.com fake conspiracy rumor
betootaadvocate.com satire
bients.com (seen in Pro-Bernie Sanders Groups) fake/clickbait
bigamericannews.com satire fake
bigbluedimension.com rumor bias
bigbluevision.com hate
bigbluevision.org clickbait bias
bighairynews.com fake conspiracy
bignuggetnews.com bias rumor
bipartisanreport.com clickbait bias
blackagendareport.com unreliable
blackgenocide.org unknown
blacklistednews.com clickbait unreliable
blog.uncommonwisdomdaily.com unknown
bluenationreview.com clickbait unreliable
Boilingfrogspost.com unreliable
borowitzreport.com satire
bostonleader.com fake
breaking911.com clickbait unreliable
breakpoint.org unknown
breitbart.com political unreliable bias
BrotherJohnF.com bias conspiracy
BullionBullsCanada.com conspiracy
burrardstreetjournal.com satire
buzzfeedusa.com fake rumor
bvanews.com unreliable bias fake
callthecops.net satire
canadafreepress.com conspiracy bias
cap-news.com fake
CaseyResearch.com unknown
cbsnews.com.co fake
celebtricity.com satire
centerforsecuritypolicy.org unknown
channel-7-news.com/ fake
charismanews.com unknown
chaser.com.au satire
checkoutthehealthyworld.com junksci clickbait
chicksontheright.com clickbait bias
christianfightback.com hate bias
christianpost.com fake bias
christiantimesnewspaper.com rumor bias
christwire.org satire
chronicle.su satire
chroniclesmagazine.org unknown
citizensunited.org unknown
city-journal.org unknown
cityworldnews.com fake
civictribune.com fake
clashdaily.com fake conspiracy bias
clickhole.com satire
cnnnext.com unreliable
CNSNews.com unreliable bias
coasttocoastam.com unreliable
Coinflation.com unknown
collective-evolution.com junksci
collectivelyconscious.net junksci conspiracy
ComingDepression.com unknown
commentarymagazine.com unknown
commondreams.org political clickbait
concisepolitics.com conspiracy hate
consciouslifenews.com junksci
conservapedia.com unknown
conservativebyte.com fake bias
conservativedailypost.com fake unreliable
conservativefiringline.com bias conspiracy clickbait
conservativefrontline.com unknown
conservativehq.com unknown
conservativeinfidel.com fake conspiracy
conservativeoutfitters.com unreliable clickbait
conservativepapers.com unknown
conservativerefocus.com conspiracy
conservativereview.com unknown
conservativespirit.com bias
conservativestate.com bias
conservativetribune.com bias conspiracy unreliable
consortiumnews.com credible
conspiracyplanet.com unknown
conspiracywire.com conspiracy
corbettreport.com conspiracy
corbettreport.com conspiracy bias
countdowntozerotime.com conspiracy
countercurrents.org political unreliable
counterinformation.wordpress.com political
counterpsyops.com conspiracy
counterpunch.com political
counterpunch.org political
cowgernation.com bias conspiracy
creambmp.com satire fake
cryptogon.com unknown
crystalair.com satire
dailybuzzlive.com fake
dailycurrant.com satire
dailydiscord.com satire
dailyheadlines.com fake
dailyheadlines.net fake
dailykos.com political clickbait credible
dailyleak.org parody fake
dailynewsbin.com bias clickbait
dailynewspolitic.com unknown
dailyoccupation.com conspiracy bias
dailypolitics.info unknown
dailypoliticsusa.com bias
dailysignal.com bias
dailysquib.co.uk satire
dailystormer.com hate conspiracy bias
dailytelegraph.com.au unknown
dailywire.com bias
dandygoat.com satire
darkmoon.me hate bias
darkpolitricks.com bias conspiracy
dataasylum.com unknown
DaveJanda.com unreliable
davidduke.com hate
davidstockmanscontracorner.com political
davidwolfe.com conspiracy
dcclothesline.com conspiracy junkscience
dcgazette.com fake
dcleaks.com unreliable
DeadLineLive.info unknown
DeadlyClear.wordpress.com unknown
debunkingskeptics.com unknown
defenddemocracy.press bias political
delectabledietofpics.net unknown
dennismichaellynch.com political
denverguardian.com fake
departed.co fake
der-postillon.com satire
derfmagazine.com satire
DeviantInvestor.com unknown
dineal.com junksci
disclose.tv satire conspiracy
disclosuremedia.net conspiracy
discoverthenetworks.org unknown
discovery.org unknown
dissentmagazine.org political
diversitychronicle.wordpress.com satire
doctorhousingbubble.com unknown
DollarVigilante.com bias
donaldtrumpnews.co fake
Dont-Tread-On.Me conspiracy
downtrend.com fake satire
DProgram.net unknown
drudgereport.com bias bias
drudgereport.com.co fake
duffleblog.com satire
duhprogressive.com satire
Dutchsinse.com conspiracy
EagleRising.com bias clickbait
EbolaHoax.com conspiracy
economicnoise.com unknown
ecowatch.com unknown
EdgeTraderPlus.com unknown
educate-yourself.org conspiracy junksci
educateinspirechange.org/health clickbait junksci
electionnightgatekeepers.com conspiracy unreliable
elelephantintheroom.blogspot.com bias
elitereaders.com clickbait
elkoshary.com satire
elmundotoday.com satire
embols.com fake
empireherald.com fake satire
empirenews.net fake satire
empiresports.co satire
Emptywheel.net political
enabon.com fake
endingthefed.com bias
endoftheamericandream.com unknown
endtime.com unknown
enduringvision.com fake
english.ruvr.ru unknown
EUTimes.net hate conspiracy
eutopia.buzz fake satire conspiracy
everydayworldnews.com unknown
everythingnewdaily.com unknown
ewao.com junksci
ExperimentalVaccines.org unknown
ExplosiveReports.Com unknown
Expose1933.com conspiracy hate
express.co.uk unknown
extraclubmagazine.com bias clickbait fake
eyeopening.info conspiracy junksci
fairus.org unknown
fakingnews.com fake satire
familysecuritymatters.org conspiracy bias
fantasticword.com unknown
FarmWars.info unknown
federalistpress.com bias
fellowshipoftheminds.com conspiracy junksci
filmsforaction.org political
FinancialSense.com unknown
FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com unreliable bias
firearmscoalition.org unknown
floridasunpost.com fake satirical
flyheight.com unknown
fmobserver.com satire
fognews.ru satire
foodbabe.com junksci
foreignpolicyjournal.com political
fort-russ.com unknown
fourwinds10.net conspiracy junksci
fprnradio.com conspiracy fake
freakoutnation.com bias
FreeBeacon.com bias
freedomdaily.com fake
FreedomForceInternational.com conspiracy
freedomoutpost.com conspiracy bias
FreedomsPhoenix.com bias conspiracy
freedomworks.org unknown
FreemansPerspective.com unknown
freepatriot.org satire
FreeStateProject.org unknown
freewoodpost.com satire
fridaymash.com satire
fromthetrenchesworldreport.com conspiracy junksci bias
frontpagemag.com bias hate
FTMDaily.com unknown
FullSpectrumDominance.com unknown
fusion.net political
gaia.com conspiracy junksci
gainspainscapital.com unknown
galacticconnection.com junksci
gangstergovernment.com conspiracy bias
GATA.org unknown
gatesofvienna.net hate conspiracy
geoengineeringwatch.org junksci conspiracy
geopolmonitor.com political
GlobalEconomicAnalysis.com unknown
globalresearch.ca conspiracy
GlobalWealthProtection.com unknown
GloomBoomDoom.com unknown
glossynews.com satire
godlikeproductions.com conspiracy
GoldBroker.com unknown
GoldCore.com unknown
GoldMoney.com unknown
GoldSeek.com unknown
GoldSilver.com unknown
GoldSilverBitcoin.com unknown
GoldSilverWorlds.com unknown
GoldSwitzerland.com unknown
golemxiv.co.uk unknown
gomerblog.com satire
goneleft.com fake
GonzaloLira.Blogspot.com unknown
gopthedailydose.com fake conspiracy bias
govtslaves.info conspiracy
greanvillepost.com conspiracy
GreenMedInfo.com unknown
guardianlv.com political
guccifer2.wordpress.com unreliable
gulagbound.com bias
hangthebankers.com bias conspiracy
healthimpactnews.com junksci bias
healthnutnews.com junksci
healthy-holistic-living.com unknown
heamericanconservative.com unknown
heartland.org unknown
heatst.com bias
helastlineofdefense.org unknown
HendersonLeftHook.wordpress.com unknown
henrymakow.com fake conspiracy
herebel.media.com unknown
heresyblog.net bias conspiracy rumor
heritage.org unknown
holyobserver.com satire
horowitzfreedomcenter.org unknown
HowToVanish.com unknown
hudson.org unknown
humansarefree.com conspiracy
humortimes.com satire
huzlers.com satire
ibankcoin.com/flyblog/ unknown
icr.org unknown
ifyouonlynews.com fake satire
ihavethetruth.com bias clickbait fake
ijr.com bias unreliable
illuminati-news.com unknown
ilovemyfreedom.org bias clickbait
in5d.com junksci
indiaarising.com clickbait unreliable
infiniteunknown.net unknown
informationclearinghouse.info conspiracy unreliable
informetoday.com bias unreliable
infostormer.com fake hate conspiracy
infowars.com conspiracy
instaworldnews.com bias
intellihub.com conspiracy unreliable
InternationalMan.com unknown
intrendtoday.com fake clickbait
intrepidreport.com bias
investmentresearchdynamics.com conspiracy
investmentwatchblog.com bias fake
ironictimes.com satire
islamicanews.com satire
itaglive.com fake
ITCCS.org unknown
ItMakesSenseBlog.com fake
iwanttoexplore.com fake
jackpineradicals.com political
jacobinmag.com political
jamesrgrangerjr.com bias
jessescrossroadscafe.blogspot.com unknown
jesus-is-savior.com conspiracy
jewsnews.co.il unreliable bias clickbait
jihadwatch.org unknown
JohnGaltfla.com unknown
johngaltfla.com/wordpress unknown
johnnyrobish.com satire
jonesreport.com conspiracy
jookos.com unknown
journal-neo.org bias
JSMineset.com unknown
judicialwatch.org unknown
katehon.com bias
katehon.org unknown
Kauilapele,com unknown
kereport.com unknown
kingworldnews.com unknown
knowledgeoftoday.org unknown
landoverbaptist.org satire
LaRouchePac.com unknown
leap2020.eu unknown
legorafi.fr unknown
lewrockwell.com bias unreliable
LFB.org unknown
lfb.org unknown
liberalamerica.org clickbait bias
liberalbias.com satire
liberaldarkness.com satire fake
libertyblitzkrieg.com fake
libertyfederation.com hate
libertymovementradio.com conspiracy
libertynews.com unreliable bias
libertytalk.fm conspiracy
libertyunyielding.com bias
libertyvideos.org conspiracy
libertywritersnews.com clickbait bias unreliable
lifeandabout.com bias
lifenews.com bias clickbait
lifeprevention.com junksci
lifesitenews.com clickbait bias
lifezette.com clickbait
lightlybraisedturnip.com unknown
liveactionnews.org bias
livefreelivenatural.com malware warning
livevote.com clickbait
lushforlife.com satire
Mad-Yet.blogspot.com unknown
madpatriots.com unreliable clickbait
madworldnews.com unreliable clickbait
madworldnews.com unreliable hate
magafeed.com rumor bias
makeamericagreattoday.com bias fake
MarketDailyNews.com unknown
MarketOracle.co.uk unknown
marshallreport.com unknown
MaxKeiser.com unknown
mediamass.net fake
mediazone.news rumor unreliable
megafreshnews.com rumor
megynkelly.us fake
MemoryHoleBlog.com unknown
MilesFranklin.com unknown
militianews.com conspiracy bias hate
MineWeb.com unknown
mintpressnews.com political
Mises.ca unknown
molonlabemedia.com unknown
moonofalabama.org bias
morningledger.com unknown
morningnewsusa.com unreliable
mpidailymagazine.com fake bias
mrc.org unknown
mrconservative.com fake satire
msnbc.website fake
MyBudget360.com unknown
mydailyrelaxation.com unknown
myfreshnews.com fake bias
myzonetoday.com fake bias
nahadaily.com satire
nakedcapitalism.com political
NarcoNews.com unknown
nasamoonhoax.com unknown
NationaLlibertyAlliance.org unknown
nationalreport.net satire fake
nationalreview.com unknown
NationalUFOCenter.com unknown
nationindistress.weebly.com conspiracy
nationonenews.com fake conspiracy
naturalblaze.com junksci conspiracy
naturalnews.com junksci conspiracy
nbc.com.co fake
nbcpolitics.org unknown
nbcpoll.com unknown
ncscooper.com satire
netdania.com unknown
nevo.news unreliable bias
newcenturytimes.com unreliable bias
newcoldwar.org political
news4ktla.com fake satire
newsbbc.net fake
newsbiscuit.com satire
newsbreakers.org satire
NewsBuster.com unknown
newsbuzzdaily.com fake
newscenterusa.com unknown
newscorpse.com bias
newsexaminer.net fake satire
newsfrompolitics.com fake
newslo.com fake
Newsmax.com unreliable bias
newsmutiny.com satire fake
newsninja2012.com bias
newsopening.com unknown
newstarget.com conspiracy
newsthump.com satire
newstoad.net satire
newswatch28.com fake
newswatch33.com fake
newswire-24.com rumor unreliable
newswithviews.com fake conspiracy
newyorker.com/humor satire
nodisinfo.com conspiracy unreliable
NomadCapitalist.com unknown
NomiPrins.com unknown
NoMoreFakeNews.com conspiracy
nonaiswa.org/wordpress unknown
northcrane.com unreliable
notallowedto.com clickbait fake
NoTime4Bull.com unknown
now8news.com fake
nowtheendbegins.com conspiracy
npiamerica.org unknown
NutritionalAnarchy.com unknown
nymeta.co clickbait satire
nyuzer.com unknown
oann.com unknown
oathkeepers.org unknown
objectiveministries.org satire
observatorial.com unknown
observer.com unknown
OCCUPY.com unknown
occupydemocrats.com clickbait bias unreliable
occupyliberals.com bias clickbait
odgossip.com unknown
off-guardian.org bias conspiracy
OffGridSurvival.com unknown
OfTwoMinds.com unknown
oftwominds.com bias conspiracy
oilgeopolitics.net conspiracy
onlineconservativepress.com fake conspiracy bias
opednews.com unknown
openmindmagazine.com bias conspiracy
orientalreview.org bias conspiracy
other98.com clickbait bias unreliable
pakalertpress.com fake
pamelageller.com conspiracy fake bias
PandaUnite.org unknown
patdollar.com bias clickbait
patriotarchives.blogspot.com unknown
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